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I’m a former Chicagoan that moved to Dallas 17 years ago. I formally retired in 2019 as a General Contractor and former President of a small construction company. I was diagnosed with  Multiple   Sclerosis in 1996 and Bronchiectasis in 2018. I’ve been married to my husband Melvin for 11 years. I’m Mom to Aaron and Nana to Arieanah and Adriana.

So far been to 44 countries and counting. I moved abroad July 2019 to start my expat journey. The first stop on our retirement world tour was Chiang Mai, ThAiland. Thanks to the Covid-19 epidemic our travels have us “stuck” in Bali since March 2020. It’s like being locked in paradise!

My passion is helping small businesses through diversity and inclusion programs and mentoring others that suffer with my auto immune diseases. I actively have traveled the world bringing awareness to challenges of the disabled traveler. 

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